Sunday, April 3, 2011

Parkesy's Stealth Bomber

Dave Parkes did'nt surf this that often during the worlds , choosing instead to go with true and trusted friend of 11 years , a bamboo skinned board of similar dimensions he says he prefered in these conditions due to it's lightness . Lighter than the bomber???????!


  1. i see alot of quads with the back 2 fins getting
    closer to the centreline of the board + further
    away from the front fins, whats it do? i am
    guessing more drive and a mix of
    conventional quad and thruster attributes

  2. By having the rear fins closer to the stringer definately gives more drive. He did it on my last board and has made some difference.
    Parksy's style is soooo controlled hence the largish rear fins. He got the 2 highest heat scores for the Worlds. The highest was 19 out of a possible 20 for his best 2 waves. Just happened to be in my heat. What a legend!

  3. You was robbed Willzy!!! I reckon that re entry / floater combo was a heat winner!