Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World titles Wednesday 23 March


  1. Dean did well making it to Round 4 (last 68 out of 144), was leading the repercharge with 2 minutes to go and go pipped by 0.25 points..... bugger!
    Pics above of Farrer, Dale, Parksy, Nova, Andrew Taylor, Terry Day, Tom Nova (14), Matt Gallagher, Albert Munoz,Kyle Bryant (board 6' 2"),
    Griz is our last hope in the Veterans (lasy 8).
    Had a great surf this arvo at SPOT X Point. Great sucky barrells on a shallow reef.
    Pssssst.. Griz cooks a mean curry and Gray an equally good risotto. Livin' the dream.

  2. ahhhhh now i want 6 more kneeboards....
    how good do they look, the green FT
    and the board with the yellow tail deckgrip
    for me