Monday, October 18, 2010


gave the new road north a try the other week, well worth the effort
if you are thinking of giving it a run.....45km from lano turn off to wedge
township (bitumin stops 50m from the shacks).


  1. Home in about a week Bean and we're all over it . Word was the Brother's Grim and the El Presidente were going to give it a shot on Saturday , swell looked a bit grim , anyone care to rub some salt in .

  2. was walking the dog early on Saturday (think it was Saturday) and seen a hilux with a KSA sticker
    on the back outside of YELLOW (coffee joint on the beach near Triggs)the Brothers Grim looked a bit sad with their new forced Metro lifestyle.
    never mind...this flatness is about to end, waiting for thursdayish to see what the new swell + wind will do.

  3. Did you get down as far as Bombing Range Bean or just around South Rocks? Beach OK?

  4. i went north of wedge for a surf then
    later went to the bombing range...couldnt make
    it on the beach (water hitting the sandunes),
    but the track back to bombing range is easy (10km) there is a distinct 'V' shaped turn off (8-9km south of wedge)that takes you onto the beach(100m north of dide bays northern point)
    didnt even have to let the tyres down