Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kneelos Secret Society.....article

worth a read (click on the title)....also see


  1. Also of note I picked up the latest Surfing World and the Indianas cracked a mention ( in general terms ) in a letter sent in by John Clingan . He basically was holding a sword up for kneelos and included us in a list of kneelo clubs of Australia . A few letters ( and photo's )of this type have have been run lately in this publication and I get the feeling that what with Surfing World's appreciation of all things retro and alternative an issue in the near future will possibly run an article , and bring that shit on>GRIZ

  2. Well done Griz, your status as top media whore / correspondent is good for another month at least!! Next thing we'll be over run by the masses, but hey we all need a sales outlet for the mounting stash of used boards littering many a WA shed!!

  3. Evening Gents I think i may have finally joined the blog spot (not flash with computer) hope to catch up at next comp or beer drinking session (meeting) cheers