Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trip June 27

here are some pics from the latest trip , after an early cold start we were greeted by a few waves and nice conditions....we gave the comp a miss and just went surfing followed by hot coffee and tomato soup, i must be getting old


  1. Well done Bean. That Tomato soup was the Ducks Guts.

  2. click on the group photo...
    and who is that running really fast thru
    the sand dunes in the background, doesnt
    he know there are un-exploded bombs out there

  3. The only unexploded bomb was the one that was about to be expelled from his rear end on the other side of that dune!
    I see the Jurien Bouy went vertical as soon as huey saw the last kneelo truck pull sticks, could have been all time if the tide had dropped.
    Anyway we'll plan for the next comp at the end July, when hopefully we can get a few more of the crew together.
    Bean, that soup rocked, team photographer, blog adminstrator,now there any limit to your talent?