Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snapped Board

Hi Guys,
Glad I meet Gray in the water last week and him telling me about the blog.
Was surfing yesterday and snapped my board could anyone let me know if they have had a board made in Perth. I have emailed Neil Luke on the east coast to get some prices on his board, but if I could get one made here would be great. The board I just broke was a Parks made board but I found that one to have been really weak and creak and ding easily
Any help would be great.


  1. Hey Steve, just sent you an e mail and noticed you've posted on the blog.
    I know a few of the guys have had boards shaped in Perth and down south. I'll make a few enquiries. Len Dibben I think will plough one out, but last time I checked it wasnt cheap. Its mostly stand-up shapers who will have a go at carving a kneeboard. If your looking for a 2nd hand board, there should be plenty around amongst us. I know that Alex at the club was selling a few of his flashpoints and they arent that old. cheers gray

  2. Cool thanks Gray,
    Second hand would be cool with me I don't know much about Flashpoint boards expect that Simon Farrer surfs them

  3. What kind of board are you chasing? Length, no of fins etc. I am sure there are heaps of second hand ones in our garages that you could grab.

  4. The one I just snapped is a Parkes
    5'10" x 23 1/2" channel bottom four fin
    which was a good length nice at holding the barrel but a little less manoeuvrable I think due to the four fins.
    So I guess maybe something along the lines on a TRI-FIN ROUNDED PINTAIL
    5' 8" - 5' 10"' x 23 1/4 - 1/2"
    But maybe I'm wanting a bit much out of a second hand board so will look at anything people might have

  5. I have a 5'7" fish-tail 4 fin by Wayne Hutch (KneeOn) that is a spare.
    Your welcome to have a try.
    Graham 0411 424 471

  6. Oceanline in Wangara do them but again they are standup blokes using kneeboard templates which is generally not good as they try to fit standup physics into kneeboards that are totally different. Give Bruce Hart of Flashpoint a call as he secondhand boards, Flashpoints are very much rail based boards in terms of turning them, if you are used to quads you may find a 3 fin Flash completely foreign and hard to use.

  7. Thanks Guys I used to surf a 3 fin before I got my quad so hopefully it wont be to hard to go back